What is TPCCP?

TPCCP is The Procurement, Compliance and Certification Portal.

Register your companies and list your suppliers on this Portal. Focus on your core business. Have confidence that TPCCP will take care of your Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Procurement Processing & Reporting Obligations.

Our Offering

A TPCCP partnership. Something to be trusted by companies & their suppliers alike.

Real-Time Dashboard

Behind the scenes TPCCP is continuously working with Suppliers to register and be processed for Certification by the TPCCP.

Quality Verification

A Privy Seal partnership ensures both Companies and Suppliers that the processing of each Supplier and their eventual Certification has been audited and is fair and valid in-terms of BBBEE Requirements.


You want to be able to rely on the TPCCP/Privy Seal Certificate without having to set up an entire Department to process your Suppliers. TPCCP does that for you.

About Us

Who we are

The TPCCP is owned & operated by the Ushintsho Consulting Practice, specialising in custom-built BBBEE Solutions for a modern & challenging economy.

Meet The Team

Experienced, Insightful & Committed

Dr Ivor Blumenthal

CEO of ArkKonsult

Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO of ArkKonsult, and joint CEO of the Ushintsho Consulting Practice, created TPCCP in August 2015 on a manual basis and since 2018 has been transformed into the online portal it now is.

Ivor Blumenthal was CEO of the Services Sector Education and Training Authority between 2000 and 2011. His core expertise includes broad range of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment applications across a number of Sectors including Paint, Corrosion and Applicators, Media Communications and Digital, the Contact Centre Sector and others.

Mrs Treaty Moshoeshoe

CEO of Ontoanetse Training

Mrs Treaty Moshoeshoe was formerly Deputy CEO of the Services SETA from 2001 until 2011. In 2012 she started the Ontoanetse Training Companyand has served as its CEO ever-since.

Ontoanetse is a Level 1 Training Provider. She has been accredited by SAQA to offer multiple different qualifications across numerous SETA’s. She is Joint CEO of the Ushitsho Consulting Practice which is a Level 2 Specialist Consulting Agency.

Our Fees

We are proud to offer companies & their suppliers affordable, reliable & replicable certification services.

Registration Fees for Companies

Type Amount Coverage
Annual Reg. Fee R 1550 First 20 Suppliers
Incremental Reg. Upgrade R 250 Every additional 20 Suppliers

All pricing is excl. VAT



  • If Company A has 38 Suppliers, a Registration Fee of R 1800.00 will be due.
  • If Company B has 62 Suppliers, a Registration Fee of R 2050.00 will be due.

The Registration Fee lasts for 12 months and the Company is covered for the loading of the Suppliers, within that 12 month period. These Supplier Real-Time Results will be included on the Companies Dashboard and in downloadable supporting documents.

(The earlier in the year the company Registers its Suppliers the longer TPCCP has to engage with Suppliers to maximise the Procurement Benefit for the Company).

On the expiration of the 12 month period of Registration, the Company must re-register and pay a re-registration fee to continue to have access to its Dashboard, Supplier Reports and Supplementary Documentation.

Registration Fees for Suppliers

Type Amount Coverage
Annual Reg. Fee R 850 Processed for Certification
Remediation Fee R 250 Address areas requiring remediation
Certification Fee R 250 Certificated with a Privy Seal
Annual Re-Reg. Fee R 1250 For 12 months

All pricing is excl. VAT



  • If Supplier A has Registered and is able to be Certified without requiring Remediation - R1300
  • If Supplier B has Registered and requires one round of Remediation before being Certified - R1750
  • If Supplier C requires two rounds of Remediation before being Certified - R2200

Once Registered and Certified, that Certification will last for 12 months from the date of Registration.

To continue to be included in your Customer/Clients reports you will need to pay the Re-Registration fee every 12 months.

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